Days 8 & 9

Last time we made it to the final three guys – Omari, Jeremy, and Augie. Everyone got to have their own date with Bridget, and all went well.

Screenshot-817Bridget wakes early on Day 8, and spends time looking gorgeous worrying over how she’s going to choose between these last three guys.

She decided that she needed to step up her game for this morning’s “social” interaction. A heat of the moment kiss was given to all to make sure there was chemistry there. All three guys, once over the initial surprise, were happy to accept.

Screenshot-827And once she had kissed the third, the first two (who had been in entirely different rooms), marched in with thoughts of “accuse of cheating” on their mind.

I held my breath and waited for fireworks, but non-confrontational Augie decided to just go take a shower. Omari pouted a bit longer but also eventually dropped it from his queue.

Screenshot-831When noon rolls around, I check scores. By less than half a point, Jeremy is the lowest. He looks a little shell-shocked as he pulls up google maps to his new place.

Screenshot-834Bye Jeremy, we hardly knew ya. Seriously. I have no idea how Bridget liked you that much when you did nothing with her. LOL

Now… time for more one-on-one dates! I flip a coin. Omari’s going first.

Screenshot-837He and Bridget were both hungry, so I sent them to the restaurant. Aww, they ordered the same thing!

Screenshot-838Ha, we spied Rick there, who seems pretty grumpy to have his non-winning rubbed in his face. Also, Bridget set her food down at the one seat on the patio that is apparently inaccessible. *sigh* Back in you go for more food, and I really need to remember to redo this patio.

Screenshot-840Omari makes a “you so hot *sizzle*”Β  motion at Bridget as she sits back down, this time with an omelette but at least at his table.

Screenshot-841They discuss the possibility of catching a movie after this.

Screenshot-842Firecracker shrimp faces crack me up, and Omari’s does not disappoint.

Screenshot-843Checking in with Augie, who appears to be totally not worried about things.

Screenshot-844Ha, Omari appears to be laying out one of my favorite pickup lines.


I was chuckling until I saw Bridget’s reaction was a Person Person Minus Minus. Is she possibly not a Psych fan, or just REALLY passionately pro-Pluto-demotion?

A little readjusting of the camera angle and.. oh. Ohhhhh. Omari had been directing his flirt at this old, cranky, hat-wearing waitress (?) instead. While on a date with Bridget.

Bridget was having none of it. She dropped the date, and popped up a notification: “Selfish, self-absorbed, and self-indulgent. You can just spend the rest of the evening by yourself then!” I took her at her word and decided the time would be given to Augie instead, so she hopped in a cab to head home…and promptly rolled a wish to kiss Omari. *face palm* Girl, you’re killing me.

Screenshot-847Augie seems rather pleased with the way things are turning out.Screenshot-848Even if Bridget is obviously still stewing about it.

Screenshot-851In an effort to get her mind off of things, she takes a romantic picture with Augie that she plasters all over Simstagram (that’ll show Omari!), and she and Augie head off on their date.

Screenshot-853I’m running out of places to send them that they haven’t been before. These two at least haven’t been to the bowling alley together. And for the first hour, they might as well not be here together now. LOL

Screenshot-855They do finally come together in some button-mashing battles, but she rolls a wish to play table tennis with Augie, so back home they go.

Screenshot-857She trounces him again and celebrates mightily. Again.

Screenshot-856Omari was home too, playing gnubb all by his lonesome.

Screenshot-858When the date is over and Augie heads inside to bed, I let Omari apologize to Bridget.

Screenshot-859She accepts the apology, and then the sky opens up. She glances up and can only think one thing…

Screenshot-862“OMG, kisses in the rain! How romantic!”

Then it was off to bed for the two of them. It’s a busy day tomorrow, what with the final vote-off.

Day 9Screenshot-863Bridget was up bright and early again, so I set her to some wish-fulfilling. She had wishes for kissing both boys, but we started with the wish of giving Augie a friendly hug.

Screenshot-866Then we ramped it up to a kiss.

Screenshot-867At this, Omari came storming into Bridget’s room (I hadn’t even known he was awake yet and he was definitely not in the room. That x-ray vision, y’all.) He chewed her out for cheating.
O: “How could you?!”
B: “Uh, at least it wasn’t happening while I was on a date with you. *pointed glare*”
Touche. Still, I had her apologize in hopes of it still being a contest (and strengthened my resolve to not peek at the relationship panel yet.)

Screenshot-868A miserable Omari had breakfast between the other two.

Screenshot-871Then I still had hours to kill before the elimination, so I sent them off to the fall fest. She had a wish, and I didn’t want to just watch moping at home.

Screenshot-880So many fewer guys with our lovely lady in this greeting card pic.

Screenshot-872As they exited the tent a few minutes before noon, Omari approached. Bridget looked nervous about it. She had reason to be, as he started snerking some insult her way. I’m busy shaking my head at this point. I mean, that is the whole goal of the challenge is for her to interact with the guys. He should have read the fine print when he signed on.

Screenshot-873Apparently she’s as fed up as I am because she legit launches herself at him.

Screenshot-876And totally kicks his ass.

Screenshot-877Ugh, you guys would have had beautiful babies. LOL

Screenshot-878Alas, Omari – who was ahead by 25 full points yesterday at noon – has managed to fling himself far into the red with our lady, while Augie made leaps and bounds. Omari dials up his cab..

Screenshot-879..and then takes off running while the other two give zero effs about anything but their apple bobbing.

Screenshot-884Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Augie Kincaid & Bridget Valdez.

Screenshot-886Aren’t they adorable?

Screenshot-888And then as they started making out, this disapproving lady stood blocking them entirely the entire time they were kissing, then deposited her toddler back on the ground when they were done.

Screenshot-890So I had them stand for a romantic picture instead and.. oh god.

Screenshot-894They took a trip through the haunted house (Augie’s wish.. apparently not Bridget’s LOL).

Screenshot-896They ran to a movie (it was not great), then headed back home.

Screenshot-897More sweetness.Screenshot-898A foot pop!

Screenshot-899She explained how she picked him above all the other guys…Screenshot-900
…and then asked him to make her not a bachelorette anymore.

Screenshot-904Augie agreed and they performed a.. romantic.. flying hug?Screenshot-905Then moved on to snuggling.Screenshot-906And “snuggling” *eyebrow waggle*

Screenshot-907And as the challenge officially wraps up, they’re adorable, cuddling and dreaming of their new life together.

So.. challenge is technically over, but I’ll probably put up a few more pics, just because (because Augie got her a puppy as an engagement present and Smoosh is adorable). Also I’m planning on doing an actual wedding, but I want it during clear weather and it’s been raining for several game-days. And I’ll have them have a kid or two, but no pics of those because the intent is to marry them in to the ISBI family at some point. πŸ™‚

Day 7

Last time we said goodbye to two of our bachelors – Theo (the grump who wanted to be up in everyone’s face), and then Emmett (who just wanted to dance) – and then had a fairly successful group outing. This time we’ll have one more noontime elimination, bringing us to the semi-finals. With three guys left, they’ll each get a couple hours of one-on-one Bridget time. Let’s begin!

Bridget’s morning social with each of the guys was compliments for all! Spread that kindness around like confetti, girl.. maybe they’ll interact with you then. LOL After that, I left them to their own devices to wait until noon when the next guy would get the boot.

Screenshot-776None of them seemed terribly eager to cement their place in the house, though. Omari flipped on a TV show while Jeremy & Rick went head-to-head in chess.

Screenshot-777Bridget went out to play gnubb and Augie followed her and just hovered nearby, not quite getting the nerve to interact.

Screenshot-778Finally it was noon though. Rick, who had yet to change out of his jammies for the day, was the lowest score. He was a little sad while calling up his cab.

Screenshot-779Augie was not so sad. We’re going to go with “nervous laughter”, as it seems out-of-character for him to laugh at the guy while he’s down.. but he is pointing the way to the door while Rick waves.

And then there were three. Omari (who I had expected), Augie (who had come from behind and so wasn’t a total surprise), and Jeremy (who shocks the heck out of me because he seriously does NOTHING with her.) Who’d have thought that both the shy guys would make it to the final three? πŸ™‚ Ah well, it’s on to the individual dates!

Screenshot-781Bridget had awakened with a wish to “go bowling”. This town had no bowling alley, I didn’t have one on hand, and so I whipped up a bowling/arcade. Seriously, so quick that I forgot to put wall covering on the outside. The inside’s functional though, so off she went with Omari (the one who doesn’t mind being out of the house.)

Screenshot-782I believe this is her game face. Girl’s got a serious competitive streak. For all her focus, she knocked over one pin.

Screenshot-783Omari may not have grace, clumsy little cutie, but he still managed to knock down five times as many pins as she did.

Screenshot-784Bridget’s next try wasn’t any better, and she ended up face-planting. Ha! In order to give everyone time with her, they had to leave before their game was totally over.. but since I bowl as well as Bridget does, she probably did not win this one. LOL

Screenshot-788Back at home, Omari & Jeremy hit up the juice while Bridget and Augie hang out.

Screenshot-787She had wished to buy a ping-pong table on the way home. I am constantly forgetting that I have these things now after so long with just Generations, Ambitions, & Supes.

Screenshot-789I was happy to fulfill that table tennis wish as it seemed like the perfect choice for a date with a homebody like Augie.

Screenshot-790They stayed pretty evenly matched the entire time.

Screenshot-793In the end, though, Bridget won. And she had no chill, no chill at all, about her victory. LOL

Screenshot-794For a date with Jeremy, we went very low-key and played some chess.

Screenshot-796It was getting late by this point, but Bridget still tried her hardest to win.

Screenshot-797Turns out she has no chill at all about losing either.

Screenshot-798Jeremy whips up a very late supper, and they all head to bed.

And now I like all of them and am not ready for any more to go. Apparently just over a sim-week is all it takes for a sim to become my own, my precious, and me to desire nothing but good things for them forever more. Alas.. tomorrow brings another elimination, and some final dates. Then it’s just the final choice. So close!

Days 5 & 6

That’s right – a two-fer! It IS Valentine’s Day after all, and what says romance better than TWO guys getting told “You’re not the one for me.”

Day 5

Screenshot-706Everyone gathers around breakfast.. well, the loners opt to sit at the bar rather than the table with everyone else.
Emmett: “Thanks for cooking, Bridget. This fried chicken is delicious!”
..Those are pancakes, dude.

Screenshot-708As the meal wraps up, Emmett calls “not it!” for dishes, Rick gets up to wash them, and Omari compliments Bridget.

Screenshot-709Theo looks like he’s swooping in.

Screenshot-710Theo attempts to tell her a story, but she doesn’t even look at him.

Screenshot-711Just continues to swoon over what Omari’s saying. Harsh.

Screenshot-712Which of course means Theo tears into Omari. “Alright Mr. You Shine Brighter Than the Moon, you better watch yourself.”
Omari: “What the heck, man? Do you know what the challenge is? We’re supposed to be trying to win the girl, not wait for her to woo us.”

Screenshot-713Screenshot-714Screenshot-717Bridget makes her rounds gracing each fellow with a funny story. Theo (who supposedly has a good sense of humor) was not impressed, but the others all laughed. She got everyone talked to with just five minutes to spare before our noon send-off.

Screenshot-718And no one was surprised when it was Theo that had to go. Well.. Theo was surprised. I mean who wouldn’t love him, right?

With 6 remaining house members, I set them all to playing gnubb for their group activity. I’m actually not certain if it ups their social score, but in my brain it counts anyway. The team of Bridget, Omari, and Jeremy won. Beyond that, it was a pretty boring “social” time.

Screenshot-728So I was happy to see that after the gnubb match, the housemates voluntarily congregates in the living room. Augie’s catching up on some TV, Rick’s engrossed in a book, Jeremy & Emmett appear to be talking about how much happier the house will be with Theo gone.. and Omari is still the only one focused on the actual goal of the challenge as he sidles up to Bridget and tells her she’s a work of art.

Screenshot-729Ladies and gentlemen, we have hugging! Woo!

Screenshot-730A few head outside for drinks

Screenshot-731And then these two decide to spend a few moments in the hot tub before everyone makes their way to bed.

Day 6Screenshot-733Breakfast! Jeremy even braves sitting at the table this time, though he doesn’t look pleased about it.

Bridget makes her rounds with the one-on-one social interaction after breakfast, choosing “pick up line” for everyone. It’s been nearly a week, it’s time. These three were all receptive.

Screenshot-737And I am briefly distracted by a frolicking deer.

She does hit up the other guys though. Rick doesn’t really respond.. and Omari didn’t allow the option (apparently they’ve moved beyond that?) so I just had her choose compliment.

Screenshot-741Reading for our bookworm and genius, dancing for the party animal.

Screenshot-742Solo hot tubbing for a happy loner.

Screenshot-743And Omari sticks near Bridget, though not necessarily interacting with her.

Screenshot-744I have no idea what Rick came out to chew Omari out about, but his mad face cracks me up. His eyebrows almost meet his cheekbones. But this bring us to noon, and time to pause and check scores.

Screenshot-745Emmett is sad to learn he’s leaving today. Same, buddy.

Screenshot-746He puts on a brave face though. Bye Emmett. I was rooting for your groovin’ little hiney. You may not have been as obvious as Omari, but you danced with her and you cooked for her. That counts in my book.

Screenshot-747After he leaves, I spend time scouring the town to find a good place for some fun. Most of this town is centered around pet fun, and we have just people. Finally I settle on Varg’s Tavern. The remaining housemates pile into a cab and off they go.

Screenshot-748Rick actually interacts with Bridget when they first get there, while the other guys grab a drink.

Screenshot-749Bridget heads off to the foozball table, and Omari’s eyes follow.

Screenshot-750He heads over to join in, confident that she’s going down.

Screenshot-751And that confidence is quickly put in check.

Screenshot-752Rick finishes his drink and heads over to join the game as well. Jeremy and Augie? Well they have once again decided that this is too many people and they simply cannot even, so they’ve ungrouped themselves.

Screenshot-754I am happy to report that they both stayed here though. They’re upstairs grabbing drinks and both looking quite appealing.

Screenshot-755Seriously though.. they’re killing me a little. LOL THIS is how close they are. Probably an hour goes by with the trio playing downstairs while these two sit, apart, upstairs. Augie finally heads down the stairs and I mentally squee…but he rounds the corner to the bathroom instead and I sigh.

Screenshot-756And then he totally redeems himself when he’s done by coming out and joining in the game after all!

Screenshot-759And he’s like way into it too.

Screenshot-761And he gives a nice little passive-aggressive “Bye Felicia” kind of wave to Rick when he heads off to the restroom.

Screenshot-763This one just made me chuckle cuz it looked like he was trying to get her to fist bump him.

Screenshot-765She’s still soundly womping them. Go Bridget!

Screenshot-766Jeremy has officially noped out and headed home to chillax.

Screenshot-767More foozball (I dunno, I was just so happy the guys were finally choosing to interact with her that I kept taking pics. LOL)

Screenshot-769And then there were two. πŸ™‚ Omari heads off, and Augie & Bridget spend a bit of time talking about kids. Not long though. I have kept all the group outing dates to a 6 hour limit, and we were hitting that threshold, so I sent everyone home. It was getting late anyway.

Screenshot-770It was approaching 10 as they got home, and so thus we wrap up our 6th day. Three guys gone, three to go until we see who is “the one.”

Fun to note: Jeremy, despite seeming to be painfully shy and never much interacting with Bridget has thus far been second on her relationship list every day. It will be interesting to see if this outing may have changed that since he didn’t pay her any mind at all and all of the others did at least a bit.

Day 4

It’s Elimination Day! You all ready to see someone get kicked.. er, gently let down? I know I am. Let’s get this rejection train rolling!

We last left everyone peacefully asleep. At 3am, time slowed back down to normal speed. I did a quick scan to see who was up and why.
Screenshot-656A burglar. A burglar was up. As was our “brave” Augie.

Screenshot-658Augie: “Um, I’m sorry sir, but I can’t just let you step in and steal our things. I have to ask you to leave.”
Thief: “This is the most pathetic excuse for trash talk I’ve ever heard.”

Screenshot-661And… the fight is on! Go Augie go!

Screenshot-662Uh-oh, it’s not looking so good for Augie.

Screenshot-663In the end it was proven that while Augie is brave enough to stand up for what’s right, he is a lover, not a fighter. (translation: robber kicked his butt.)

Screenshot-664Still, it DID scare the crook away, so we’re counting it as a win. I send the shaken Augie back to bed.

Screenshot-666In the morning, Emmett and Bridget are awake before any of the others. Emmett makes use of this time by asking Bridget to dance.

Screenshot-669Once everyone’s up, they all have breakfast (prepared by Rick, who inhaled his food and moved onto chess without interacting with anyone.)

Screenshot-670Bridget give Omari a crazy-eyes smile and wave as she finishes up.

Screenshot-671Since the guys were making no move towards her, I set Bridget to telling them each a funny story today.

Screenshot-672Johnathan continues to insult Omari every chance he gets. Omari has yet to retaliate but I have no idea what about him just bothers Johnathan.

Screenshot-673In repayment for Augie’s running off the burglar, I let him be the final one that Bridget talks to and then just leave it up to him to continue the conversation or not. This mainly nets us the giant awkward silence seen above.

Screenshot-674He does get the hang of it eventually and tosses a social interaction her way. (Gotta admit that Augie’s social awkwardness is kind of making him grow on me.)

Screenshot-675At 11:55 I did a quick cycle through our guys to see what they were all up to before the official pause-and-check-scores. Looks like Theo has been in the jellybean bush. He is not amused. We are though.

Screenshot-676However, it is Johnathan who gets the boot today. There was no waving. Apparently no one will shed a tear over his departure. (And story progression had him paired off by day’s end so I’m betting he didn’t shed a tear for them either. LOL)

Screenshot-677And then I found out that I DO have hot tubs. So I plunked on in the back yard, paused the game, directed everyone to it.

Screenshot-678Discovered this is a six seater, and we have seven sims. Poor Emmett was too slow.. but not to worry, because after half an hour, Augie could contain his bladder no longer.

Screenshot-679Emmett headed over.. is he going to hop in?

Screenshot-680Indeed he does!

Screenshot-681But the Bridget climbs out.. to cheer about Rick? LOL No idea.

Screenshot-682She heads off for the juice keg, apparently spying something she likes. πŸ˜‰

She and Augie play some gnubb until the sun sets, while the rest of the guys continue to lounge in the hot tub.

Screenshot-688There’s a mad rush for juice.

Screenshot-689And Omari once again helps Bridget do a keg stand.. without dropping her this time.

Screenshot-690The housemates drift inside. Theo, Jeremy, and Emmett all settle in to read. Rick decides chess is more his speed.

Screenshot-691Bridget interrupts Jeremy’s story to try and chat.

Jeremy: “So then a robber snuck into our house. The hero said, ‘No sir, not on my watch!’ and scared him off.”
Bridget: “Oh my goodness, how brave! You really did that?”
Jeremy: “I couldn’t say that. No one wants to hear from a braggart.”

Screenshot-693Omari cuts into the conversation to let Bridget know the moon is particularly lovely tonight if she’d care to see.

Screenshot-694Emmett meanwhile has decided to prepare a meal for everyone, even though he’s tired. She never even notices. (That may just be me though.. looking at the stars is romantic, but I like to eat even more, especially if someone else is cooking.)

Screenshot-695As they settle on the ground, he slips a hand over hers. Slick move.Screenshot-696She clearly didn’t mind it one bit.

She snuggles on in and the commence to being so adorable my teeth hurt.

Screenshot-702In the back, Emmett’s finishing grilling up the hot dogs, sure this will impress her. He burns the heck out of them and so it does not impress in the least. Poor Emmett.

Screenshot-703And we’ll leave it here, with synchronized yawning signaling the end of day 4. Johnathan was our first casualty of love. I wonder who will be next?

Day 3

We join our guys and gal for the final day of safety.

The day starts with Bridget once again asking how everyone slept. We will force some small social interaction by golly. LOL

Screenshot-612As she was doing that, Bridget rolled a wish to “Eat at Bistro”. That sounded like it could maybe be social, so I locked that one in. This is a new world for me (I’m most used to Sunset Valley), so I looked around the map for the eatery with the same symbol as the Sunset Valley bistro and off we went.

Screenshot-614I chose the “eat outside” option because it would be much less boring for me. They even all paused here in a group while everyone received their food to take out to the patio.

Screenshot-616Guess who rushed to make sure he got to sit by Bridget? LOL Omari is in it to play.

Screenshot-617The rest were still jockeying for position on what is undoubtedly the smallest, least well-laid-out dining patio that I have seen.

Screenshot-618Johnathan’s dish was so spicy is knocked him out of his chair. During this, Bridget had finished and just decided to leave for home.

Screenshot-619I thought the guys would likely follow suit as they finished, but they hung around gossiping or contemplating things…

Screenshot-620Or, in Augie’s case, hopping into the dumpster.

Screenshot-621At this point I decided that was enough and bent my “don’t control her” rule just enough to have Bridget call everyone home. At least if they’re on the same lot they have the chance to talk with her. LOL

Screenshot-622And she checks to make sure the stove’s off while she waits for them. Pretty sure it is, on account of no one turned it on today. LOL

Screenshot-623As the guys arrived home, Johnathan geared up to talk to Bridget. Possibly thank her for a lovely meal out (or complain about the spiciness of his dish, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.)

Screenshot-624We never got to find out what he would have said, because Theo sees him about to interact with Bridget and comes up to him to.. complain about art? Theo does not have the dislikes art trait, so no idea. He apparently has the “dislikes anyone else talking with Bridget even though he never wants to” trait.

Screenshot-625Bridget decides to ditch the guys in favor of the juice keg…

Screenshot-626…and a game of gnubb. This horse runs up behind her and she rolls a wish to let it sniff her hand.

Screenshot-627I figure what the heck, it’s a social wish and it’s not like any of the bachelors have been vying for her attention today. Plus, Pets is new to me (I know, I know) so I want to try it out. Sniffing goes successfully.

Screenshot-628Theo stared on as Augie & Bridget shared a moment over drinks.

Screenshot-629She and Augie then drifted inside and joined Omari watching TV, while Emmett danced his little heart out in the background.

Screenshot-630Theo then came in and griped at Augie. “I see you, trying to slip into the conversation that you’d be open to kids one day. I’m onto you.”

Screenshot-631Augie was not impressed, but not loving confrontation, he just heads off to the bathroom.

Screenshot-632Theo moves over to our movin’ and groovin’ Emmett.

Screenshot-634And begins to talk about himself. Emmett is bored. Theo just doesn’t understand why no one else finds him as fascinating as he obviously is. Theo, your face is adorable, sometimes that personality though..

Screenshot-638All the other guys have finally found Bridget and everyone’s watching TV together.Screenshot-639Emmett gets back to dancing, and Theo notices Johnathan next to Bridget and starts in on him. “Shoveling it on pretty thick, aren’t you Johnathan?”

Johnathan: “You know, you’re kind of an insufferable snob, Theo.”
Theo: “Wh-what?! Well at least I’m not a giant douche.”
Bridget: “Aaand.. I’m out.” *heads to the back yard*
Jeremy is apparently clutching his pearls in the background.

Screenshot-641Omari pays attention though and followed her out to the back and chats with her.

Screenshot-642She asks what that is behind him and chucks a water balloon at him while he’s not looking.

Screenshot-643Thankfully he finds this amusing and tells her the fight is on.

Screenshot-644Theo heads outside to try and break up their little pow wow but finds only a lightpost there by the time he gets out there. (Really I had plunked the light down so I could see them all out there in the dark, and he came out and was disappointed in the new object. Still I had to chuckle that it was him that came out, since he’s just been following around anyone talking to Bridget and distracting them.)


These two have a blast fighting out there the rest of the night.

Screenshot-655When I notice everyone else drifting off to bed, I break up their balloon fight and send them to dreamland too. Thus ends Day 3. Tomorrow at noon we have our first elimination. Who’s she going to pick?

Day 2

Just as a reminder, days 1-3 our sims will all be safe. Since I’m not doing much to affect their relationships (one specific social interaction a day, one group activity a day), they’re going to need that time to try to bond with our leading lady. I believe on day 1, onlyΒ  two of our bachelors spontaneously interacted with Bridget, and one of those chose to scare her. Let’s see if Day 2 is any better.

She starts the day out with the social interaction – asking each of our bachelors if they slept well.

Screenshot-567As she wraps up, all of our guys are ignoring her. Omari & Augie are out back already hitting the juice. Rick is on the porch, probably on his way to do the same. Jeremy & Theo are engrossed in books. Emmett is gearing up to dance. And Johnathan has simply been staring at her for the past half hour.

Screenshot-568Bridget rolled up a wish to visit Summer Fest. I thought that would make a perfect group activity, so the household was summoned forth to the festival grounds.

Screenshot-573And it went as follows..
9:00 – Our 8 sims arrive & run to the far back of the lot.
9:18 – Augie & Jeremy: “This is more people than I can handle at once…I’ve got to get out of here! I really enjoyed myself. We should hang out again in the future.”
Uh, yeah I’m sure Bridget had a blasty blast during those 18 minutes too. LOL

That’s okay though. I had queued up a “get greeting card” action before they announced they were taking off. (Bridget wished for it, I had no idea if it was a social wish or not, but I rolled with it.) We got a good shot of the whole crew together.

Screenshot-575And then, while not officially part of the group, Jeremy stuck around for a snowcone (Theo had already grabbed one, Johnathan was second in line, and Bridget is impatiently waiting her turn too.)

Screenshot-576I turned to see what the others were doing, and it looks like Augie stuck around too. Emmett, Augie, Rick, and Omari were all lined up for a hot dog eating contest.

Screenshot-580Emmett and Augie gave it their all, but Omari was a hot dog eating MACHINE, and totally smeared the competition. He was thoroughly impressed with his win.

Screenshot-581Bridget didn’t notice. She was way into that snow cone.

Screenshot-582Which means she also didn’t notice Jeremy nope-ing right on out of this festival.

Screenshot-583And Augie’s hoping that nobody noticed him tossing his cookies (well, his hot dogs) before he likewise skedaddled.

You made it two hours, introverts. I’m proud of you. Enjoy a quiet house for now. You earned it.

Screenshot-584I went on a hunt for Theo, who hadn’t been seen since he bumrushed the snowcone machine. Theo, no. That’s the wrong girl. NOT the path to victory, my friend.

Screenshot-585The skating rink became a hot spot after that as our remaining sims all decided to congregate there.. except for Emmett, who was shaking his groove thing to the festival music.

Screenshot-588Omari shows that he knows which one is the girl to pay attention to.

Screenshot-592Our guys who had skipped out on hot dogs before jumped in for the next contest. Johnathan crushed it this time, while Rick looked worried about the thought of ever eating another hot dog again.

Screenshot-593Johnathan strikes a winning pose while waiting for the rest of these plebes to finish up those hot dogs already so they can make the official winner announcement.

Screenshot-594Omari’s clumsiness wipes out both he and Bridget.

Screenshot-590They don’t give up though. πŸ™‚ However, it’s been 6 hours at the festival, so I force them to give up and send everyone home.

Screenshot-595At home, Augie & Jeremy have been enjoying the lack of social demand for the past 4 hours. They even braved being near each other, though not interacting.

Screenshot-596Bridget, who did not partake in hot dogs, decided to make a meal back at home. Omari decided to still keep himself on her radar by washing dishes…which he realized was difficult when she was standing in front of the dishwasher.

Screenshot-597Everyone grabbed a plate when she was done anyway. Apparently hot dogs are not terribly filling.

Screenshot-598After supper, Emmett tried to be goofy and pull silly faces with Johnathan. Johnathan was not amused, and insulted him instead.

Screenshot-599Theo was out playing gnubb, while Augie & Rick grabbed juice from the keg…

Screenshot-600…Jeremy & Omari were reading and Emmett was dancing, when Johnathan decided to grumpily stomp off to bed.

Screenshot-601And again our lovely lady spends time staring out the window while all seven suitors ignore her. The rest head to bed fairly quickly and Day 2 is officially wrapped.

Day 1

And we begin with our household dumped on the lawn of a house that none of them have any business affording. It’s not lavish, but there are 4 bedrooms (one with a double bed for Bridget.. that room will be unlocked at the semi-finals, just in case. The other three have bunk beds for the guys. LOL) And there are several entertaining objects – TV, gnubb set, juice keg, stereo, chess – as well as ways to fill up that hunger – stove, grill, jelly bean plants.

I gathered everyone together and flipped off free will for an hour in hopes of getting a decent group picture. (I don’t do poses.) This is the best we got. Our loners are a bit wary of the large number of people out there, but mainly everyone’s looking at least. LOL

At 9 am, I set Bridget up watching TV and directed her to ask everyone else in the house to join. There was a bit of whining as those who lost the stampede complained about not getting to sit right next to Bridget to see.

Screenshot-513Eventually they were all settled in and enjoying whatever show she had turned on.. or at least pretending to. And to review our contestants, here’s a close-up on each while they’re entranced with the show…








Screenshot-522and of course, Bridget.

Screenshot-511By 3pm, I was tired of watching them watch TV. (And Bridget appears to have tired of watching TV and is instead staring at Augie’s rear.) I had her turn it off and leave it up to them what they did from there.

Screenshot-525Without the allure of the shiny box, the guys sprang into action.. just not terribly effective for this challenge. Johnathan swooped in to insult Omari.

Screenshot-526Jeremy immediately ran off to the bookshelf to find a world to lose himself in, while Emmett & Augie hit it off with making silly faces.

Screenshot-529Rick took a moment to contemplate his surroundings.

Screenshot-532Perhaps sensing a kindred grumpy spirit, Theo stepped in by Johnathan to complain about the TV being turned off. Augie decided to visit the juice keg; maybe a drink or two would make living in a house with 8 sims go easier. Emmett was hoping an alliance was formed with Augie as he headed off to the bookshelf.

Screenshot-530Meanwhile, Bridget is alone & staring out the window, wondering if this was going to be a big bust. The guys seemed way more focused on each other than on winning her.

Screenshot-531Fear not, Bridget. Now that Johnathan is distracted from chewing him out, Omari has his eyes on the prize.

Screenshot-533He heads over with a smooth line about how they sure knew what they were doing when they chose her for the star.

Screenshot-534And just like that, we get the first heart-farts of the challenge!

Screenshot-535Bridget was still busy swooning over Omari when Johnathan snuck up and scared her out of her reverie.

Screenshot-536And then proceeded to chew her out about how he just wants to go outside, but how’s he supposed to get there with HER right there? Um, the doors are ALL the other way, Johnny boy.

Screenshot-538Not to worry though, Omari swooped back in with some compliments to cheer up our leading lady.

Screenshot-540Rick grumpily stomped over to the couches to do some extreme reading with Emmett. Theo had interrupted Jeremy’s reading to talk about himself and poor Jeremy could just think about how he’d really rather be reading. Johnathan stopped tormenting people so that he could work out at the stereo. And Omari is still flirting with Bridget.

Screenshot-539Augie meanwhile has spent an hour staring at this juice keg. I’m not sure if he’s trying to figure out how it works or decide if he really needs liquid courage when his personality says he has the regular kind in abundance.

Screenshot-541He walked off just in time for Bridget to come out to do a keg stand with Omari.

Screenshot-542This did not end well. And I see you there looking smug &Β  judgemental, Jeremy.. but you didn’t try to catch her either.

Screenshot-543There appears to be no regret on these faces though.

Screenshot-544Still, Bridget heads inside and pelts Theo in the face with a pillow.

For the next little while, Omari stays outside by the keg. Augie takes over the easel. Bridget & Theo pillow fight and share secrets. Johnathan continues to work out. Rick continues to read. Jeremy flips the television back on. And Emmett finishes reading and decides to make some food for everyone.

Screenshot-551Seeing an opening to get some one-on-one time with Jeremy, Bridget goes to sit down next to him.

Screenshot-552He immediately gets up and walks away. LOL

Screenshot-553Rick wraps up his book and he and Augie get to know each other.

Screenshot-555When Emmett’s meal is made, I have Bridget call everyone to eat. Jeremy must have a weak stomach as he’s back there gagging over the stench floating off of Johnathan, who came to the table after several hours of working out.

After supper, left to their own devices they all pretty much chose to potty and get to bed within about thirty sim-minutes of one another. I leave you with a creepy pic of Jeremy sleeping with his eyes wide open.